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Jerome Meadows

Jerome Meadows comes from Ireland. He has a British accent which he inherited from his parents. He began teaching in a private school in South Korea immediately after graduating from University in 2010.

He taught there for four years in the city before returning to Ireland for a year to spend time with his family. In 2015 he came to Colombia on holiday and decided to settle here. Since then, he has worked for industries such as Coca Cola, DHL, Roche, Abbot, Novartis, Johnson & Johnsons, and BAT.

Jerome has been described by his students as fun and gregarious and sees the humor in everything.

His sense of humor can be dark at times but he knows how to energize a burned-out client on a Wednesday afternoon.

Jerome is no stranger to international exams and has helped a lot of his students pass IELTS exams for University and emigration purposes. Jerome adjusts his teaching style to suit his students.

Some are analytical and like rules and grammatical structures, others learn through a more conversational and immersive method. Fundamentally he believes that stress is detrimental to learning.

Adrenaline shuts down the brain. You can’t learn, only react. Additionally, learning depends on the capacity of the teacher not the ability of the student.

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